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Аксессуары AEG для ИБП

Load Switch

Load switchbr / In combination with the SNMP (PRO) Adapter, the Load Switch enables intelligent load management using a UPS monitor, web browser or UNMS. The four output circuits can be operated individually, allowing delayed on/off switching as well as event-driven switching (if a power outage occurs, for example). The front panel has four LEDs indicating the current switch status.

External MBS

An optional add-on for the Protect B./B.PRO/C./C.R/D./1. and 1.M series of UPS systems, it is used to bypass a UPS (e.g. to carry out maintenance) without interrupting the supply of power to connected loads. It also features an additional setting to enable UPS testing. The switch is equipped with individually protected power connectors to supply power directly.

Power Distribution Box

With the compact parallel switch panel, users can set up a parallel system without needing to restructure an existing low-voltage main distribution system. Combining up to 24 separately protected, ready-made circuits in an output distribution unit built into a parallel switch panel, the PDB eliminates the need to set up a sub-distribution system.

PDU Rack

Our power distribution units are designed to distribute power from UPS outlets to multiple connected loads. Various models are available with a choice of grounded IEC320 C13 and C19 sockets for connecting equipment. The sockets are protected against overloading, either individually or in pairs, depending on the connector type. LEDs indicate the current operating state.

Environment Manager

The Environment Manager is a sensor management device designed as a system add-on for the SNMP PRO Adapter. It can manage up to 8 analog sensors, 4 digital contacts and 4 digital switches together. It can also work with other kinds of sensor units. Sensors are available with an expansion connector allowing multiple sensors to be connected; splitters can be used to provide additional ports.

SNMP Adapter

Available in two versions, the SNMP adapter enables users to monitor the status of UPS units via the Web or WAP. The PRO version of the SNMP adapter can additionally incorporate room access control, air-conditioning, and smoke and fire detector systems. In combination with the EnvironmentManager, the SNMP PRO Adapter is even capable of processing temperature and humidity sensor data.

Relay Card

This relay card is an option for UPS series Protect B. PRO / C. / C.R / D. / 1. and 1.M and enables the communication via potential free contacts. The contacts can be configured as opener or shutter. The status notifications will be transmitted by a 9 pin Sub-D socket. The relay cards are optimized for the IBM AS400 but can also be used for other applications.

UPS Sensors

Sensors play an important role in process automation. They detect external events and conditions, and signal these to the UPS. The software CompuWatch includes modules that can execute scripts in response to defined events. The sensors are connected via an SNMP Pro Adapter. This can operate a single sensor directly or multiple sensors in combination with the Environment Manager.

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