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Источники бесперебойного питания (ИБП)

Промышленные выпрямители тока и
коммутационное оборудование

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Системы хранения энергии

Интеллектуальные сетевые решения

Программное обеспечение AEG


The CompuWatch shutdown and UPS management software provide automation in data processing. It has been developed in client/server technology for homogenous and heterogeneous networks in order to shut down the server and computers (both hardware and operating systems) in a reliable manner. CompuWatch is based on the TCP/IP network protocol and allows you to shut down server and computer systems with diverse operating systems safely and automatically when needed.


Web-based network management software for UPS systems, it shows network embedded UPS systems and allows for simple control of complex UPS networks by displaying of UPS status messages and easy integration of individual backgrounds. Statistics can be monitored by saving all events in a log file and the provision of a graphical statistics report.

COM Server Tools

The COM server provides the UPS data via an Ethernet network. With a virtual COM port on a workstation, a software application can communicate with the UPS via the network.

Profibus DP

The Profibus DP interface is the fieldbus interface for UPS units in a Profibus DP network. This interface is configured as a Profibus DP slave. With one RS485 Profibus cable, it is possible to integrate and monitor up to 31 UPS units and inverters with different power ratings in one SCADA system. It also features a CAN connection for a remote panel and an RS232 interface.

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